A safari tour to Uganda is without doubt an experience of a lifetime when you book any of our Uganda safari packages or when we help you custom-build the safari you like.

When you land in the beautiful Pearl to start your Uganda gorilla safari, primate safari, birding safari or wildlife adventure safari, the last thing on your mind is a medical emergency! However, there is no rock-solid guarantee that nothing can go wrong!

Going forward, our partnership with the Flying Doctors’ Society of Africa means that we will recommend our clients to take out travel insurance.

This will be such that should you require urgent medical assistance during your safari to Uganda, you need to make sure that your medical care is well arranged and fully covered.

In conjunction with the Flying Doctors’ Society of Africa, Uzuri Uganda Safaris offers you the opportunity to register for a med-evac insurance Tourist Evacuation scheme. The med-evac cover gives you access to emergency air evacuation whenever its required and wherever you are with all emergency evacuation costs covered 100%.

This covers the whole of East Africa, including Rwanda and Burundi. Travelers going for Gorilla safaris, to Zanzibar, to Southern Tanzania or to North Eastern Uganda are all covered by the 1000 kilometre radius that the cover offers. This cover is for short periods ranging from 2 weeks to 2 months.

Flying Doctors Society of Africa.

The Society is a fundraising organization that has been in existence for over fourty years. We raise funds specifically to finance medical outreach work in Africa. We do so by, among other things, selling membership and shop merchandise.

All our members are entitled to free unlimited air ambulance evacuations in case of a medical emergency while in East Africa and two ground ambulance evacuations in Kenya.

We co-ordinate all emergency calls and evacuations through our 24hr radio room guaranteeing all our members a fast, reliable and effective evacuation response.

The costs are as follows;

1000km radius – covers – (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania Rwanda and Burundi) $30 for 14days and $50 dollars for two months

Why register for Tourist Evacuation Scheme?

Supporting a charity

If you have been registered for the Tourist Evacuation Scheme but do not need evacuation after all, consider that you have given back to help medical services reach disadvantaged people who cannot afford medical care in East Africa. The Flying Doctors Society of Africa funds Medical Outreach Programmes in Africa. The objective of this is to treat patients who would not otherwise have access to the care they need and to train local health teams in extremely rural areas to carry out this work themselves in the future.

The Medical Outreach Programmes serve more than 150 rural hospitals in the eastern Africa region.

Who benefits?

The principle beneficiaries of the Outreach projects are poor disadvantaged patients living in remote rural areas of Eastern Africa, together with their families, and the communities in which they live. It is estimated that 30 million people living in the rural parts of Eastern Africa covered by the services benefit from the programme indirectly.

How the programme works

The Programme takes specialist surgeons to areas where there are no communications, limited medical services and little or no surgical services.

For more information about FDSA, please visit their website: http://www.flyingdoctorsafrica.org/


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