Safari Brief

The Kampala City tour is a mix of cultural, historical and religious sites that are embedded in the fabric of Uganda’s political and social history. The cultural sites visited are largely drawn from the Buganda region given the Kingdom’s central place in Uganda’s political and social history. However, when you get to the Uganda Museum, you will then get to see the entire country’s history and heritage. The guide will brief the guests on what to expect.

Day by Day Itinerary

09.00am: A driver/guide from Uzuri Uganda Safaris will pick you from an appointed Rendezvous place to commence your Kampala City Tour. From your hotel, your tour will start from the south-western side of Kampala at the Kabaka’s lake. This lake was an incomplete project of Kabaka Mwanga who had visions of building a canal that would link to Lake Victoria as an ‘escape corridor’, but was never completed. Dug in the 1880’s, it is the largest excavated lake in Africa. Currently, the Buganda Kingdom is engaged in cleaning-up the lake as an attraction for tourism purposes. You should spend between 30-45 minutes here.

10.00am: You will then move on to the Lubiri (or Mengo Palace). The Palace is the Buganda King’s official palace/residence. Built in 1922, Mengo Palace has remained empty since 1966 when then Prime Minister of Uganda Milton Obote ordered a dramatic attack to oust Kabaka Mutesa II (then the president of Uganda). Sitting on 4 square miles, Mengo palace is ringed by a six-foot brick wall and has a small airstrip within its walls. Today, the Lubiri is popular with hosting a motor rally sprint within the six-foot fence. Given the historical significance of the place, expect to spend 1 hour at the Lubiri.

11.15am: From the Lubiri, your will drive to Saint Mary’s Cathedral Rubaga commonly referred to as Rubaga Cathedral. This is the parent Cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kampala, the oldest Roman Catholic diocese in Uganda. Expect to spend not less than 15 minutes.

11.30am: From Rubaga, you will drive down through the suburb of Mengo and head to Namirembe Cathedral – a dome-shaped church that was originally built in 1903 by Buganda Kingdom craftsmen as a large grass thatched cathedral that was soon burnt down/struck down by lightning. After the fire, the cathedral was replaced by the present dome-shaped structure. This church is the seat of the Church of Uganda or Anglican faith in Uganda. Expect to spend less than 15 minutes. See Kampala city from this high-point as it spreads out.

12.00 mid-day: Head to the National Mosque (Gaddafi Mosque) in Old Kampala. This is the second biggest mosque on the continent. Built with financing from Col. Muammar Gaddafi’s Government before the Arab Spring, when you climb to the top of the Minaret, you get to see the Kampala sprawling out in all directions.

12.30: From the Gaddafi mosque, drive up Makerere hill to Makerere University, Uganda’s largest and third oldest higher institution of learning first established as a technical school in 1922. In 1963, it became the University of East Africa, offering courses leading to general degrees from the University of London. It is one of the most prestigious multinational Universities in Africa. Expect to spend at least 45 minutes here.

1.15pm: Head to the Uganda Museum. The Uganda Museum is one of the Kampala attractions that displays Uganda’s cultural heritage and here you will be able to see the ethnological and natural-historical exhibitions. The museum contains other rich materials from Uganda and is a must see. Expect to spend at-least 1-2 hours at the museum. (Guests can have lunch at the Seascalop Restaurant opposite the museum or at the nearby Cassia Mall where there is a food court before continuing).

3.00pm: To the Baha’i Temple – the only one in Africa and one of only eight continental Houses of Worship around the world. It is an elegant piece of architecture with a serene and peaceful surrounding that will captivate you. Expect to spend 30 minutes here.

3.30pm: Head to the Uganda Martyrs Shrine in Namugongo. This is spot that draws millions every June 3rd. It is where more than 20 newly converted Christians were burnt alive in 1886, following the command of Kabaka Mwanga II after refusing to renounce the white man’s religion. Majority of the martyrs were Kabaka’s pages and were sent to death for his fear of losing the throne. Expect to spend 1 hour here.

5.00pm: Your driver/guide will drop you off at a place of your choosing. This marks the end of your Kampala City Tour.

Thank you for choosing to book this tour with us and we hope to see you next time.

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