Did you know that Uganda is home to the most number of the endangered Mountain Gorillas? After chimpanzees, in terms of DNA, Gorillas come second as man’s closest living relative. Because they are endangered and could disappear if efforts are not put in conserving especially the Mountain Gorillas, they enjoy the limelight as a top tourist attraction among people who love nature. Major movies like the famous ‘Gorillas in the Mist’ have also been produced to add the conservation conversation around the so-called ‘gentle giants’. It is the same reason that they draw people to Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla national parks for an encounter with them.

Gorilla Tracking Uganda

What Is Gorilla Tracking?

The Mountain gorillas roam across a specific ecosystem that straddles three countries including Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo. With an endangered tag, they give wildlife safaris a new perspective. The rare places that shelter these Mountain Gorillas will help you find and observe their antics up close and personal. Tracking/trekking in the rainforests of Uganda in search of the habituated gorilla families counts as Gorilla Tracking/Trekking. This experience is something totally different from game viewing in the savannah game parks and bird watching. Trackers are delivered at a trail-head and they simply cut through the rainforest on foot searching for where the specific Gorilla family they are tacking spent the previous night. When you find them, spend 1 hour in their presence and enjoy them in full form.

Why Is Uganda Preferred For Gorilla Tracking?

An estimated 800 Mountain Gorillas survive in the wild. However, the most numbers (more than 400 individuals) survive in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks. The rest is shared between Rwanda and DR Congo. Uganda has more habituated gorilla groups and the permits are cheaper than in Rwanda. Also, for those who would like to combine their Gorilla trek experience with a game safari not to mention a chimpanzee trek in Kibale Forest National Park. All these attributes make Uganda the preferred destination for Gorilla tracking. Further, the incentive of spellbinding mountains and forests as part of Uganda’s diversity in terms of nature make Ugandan wildlife and bird watching experiences, there is no prize for guessing ‘Why People Go To Uganda’.

Uganda The Home Of Gorillas

How To Get Gorillas Tracking Experience?

Gorilla Tracking is the main highlight of Uganda Safaris. You can purchase Gorilla Permits from Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWAs) headquarters in Kampala, either directly or through a tour agent. If you chose to do it directly, you can email UWA directly to get available dates to track them, if not you will be given the nearest dates possible. You can pay online and send copies of your transactions to UWA in three working hours after deposit. But be sure to ensure the transaction is completed and enough money is charged, otherwise, you won’t be booked. Using a tour agent will be a less hassle. However, the costs of their services may be added which may not suit your budget. So, think before you book and do whichever suits you the most.

When Is The Best Time For Gorilla Tracking?

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is favourable for Gorilla Tracking all year round. However, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is ideal during the dry season or the specific (June – September and December – February) time of the year. But Uganda Safaris have lots to offer besides Gorilla tracking, so do include these additional safari experiences and enjoy everything Uganda has to offer…

Where Do You Find Gorilla Tracking In Uganda?

Gorilla Tracking In Uganda

Since Uganda Safaris provide the most awe-inspiring Gorilla Tracking experience, let’s list the reserves where endangered Mountain Gorillas make themselves at home.

  • BWINDI IMPENETRABLE NATIONAL PARK: The first is Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which is located on the edge of Albertine Rift in south-western Uganda. Famed for endangered mountain gorillas, the park is a well-known sanctuary for primates, birds, butterflies and so on.
  • MGAHINGA GORILLA NATIONAL PARK:  Part of the Virunga Mountains, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is Uganda’s smallest park. It is home to the Nyakagezi Gorilla Group, the only group that is habituated for Gorilla tracking expeditions.

Tips To Get The Best Of Gorilla Tracking

Gorilla Tracking Tips

However, some things are enjoyed completely only if you are prepared to work hard and taken the necessary measures:

1. Gain a degree of fitness ahead of your trip to Uganda for your date with the gentle giants. Prepare yourself to trek and hike the forest for long hours. A gorilla trek can last between 2-8 hours. Gorillas don’t live to entertain you. So, during the trek, keep calm and maintain your stamina.

2. If you want to get to see the gorillas, you need to research them thoroughly. Like when they can be seen, where you can find them etc. Hard work is required for the best things in the world.

3. Hiking up forested mountains is tiring so get yourself some porters (they use the money to look after their families) to carry your rucksack containing cameras etc.

4. Hiking up and down a mountain is not easy. Come prepared with the right clothes, shoes etc. Don’t leave your skin exposed. But depending on the climate, wear suitable clothing.

5. When you encounter the gorillas, keep the recommended distance, don’t make eye contact and when the young ones come near you, stay calm and curb your actions. They may not feel as enthusiastic as you. Know how to observe these extremely proud and gentle creatures…

Gorillas, to be specific Mountain Gorillas are the crown in Uganda’s tourism jewel. So plan your Uganda Safaris with Gorilla Tracking and enjoy the unique flavour of the ‘Pearl of Africa’…

Catch the best of Gorilla Tracking with Uzuri Uganda Safaris. For booking, contact us or mail us @info@uzurisafaris.com. For more information, you can also call us at +256 772 425 294.

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