We are aware that there is a lot at stake when choosing a safari company in terms of value for money, and therefore we take great care in ensuring to the greatest extent possible, a flawless safari experience. Carefully examine our core values and we trust you will grant us the opportunity to be your travel arrangers. At Uzuri Uganda Safaris, we believe that when you trust us to take you on your holiday/vacation, it is the beginning of a friendship/partnership that will last beyond your visit to this “Pearl of Africa”.

 So here below are the values that anchor everything that we do at Uzuri Uganda Safaris:

  • We pride ourselves in obsessing about our customers to ensure they enjoy their safari/vacation and that is memorable.
  • We pride ourselves in replying to your inquiries promptly
  • We conduct our business in honesty, trust and integrity, pricing our products and services fairly
  • We believe in being creative, flexible and being adept at finding solutions to ensure that our clients itineraries go on without a hitch
  • As a business, we respect and embrace diversity and are open.
  • We are an environmentally responsible company, keen on conservation and keen advocates of sustainable use of natural resources.