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We bring you the very best of wildlife, nature, birding, adventure and culture in this incredibly gifted country that has unique add-ons to your safari/vacation.

Uzuri Uganda Safaris is run a former award winning journalists who is directly involved in designing & arranging itineraries, client bookings & ground handling. Edris is a journalist-cum tour operator/travel specialist inspired by the very charming beauty and diversity of Uganda and Africa. Edris works with a small team of other travel specialists in the office as well a selection of some of the best safari guides in the field to ensure that you get a top-notch experience out of your safari holiday/vacation.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the different safari destinations that Uganda has to offer. We also pride ourselves on understanding the diverse cultures locally as well as Uganda’s and the region’s tourist hotspots. In terms of expertise, the knowledge and information base built over the years has provided an invaluable, competitive, professional and personal service to our clients.

We are a dynamic company, dedicating time and attention to market trends, client’s shifting interests and demands to deliver products and services that meet our client’s needs. We think we are in a privileged position because of our background to share more of what Uganda has got to offer beyond the itinerary that we have already shared with you.

As safari experts, you can rest assured that when you book with Uzuri Uganda Safaris you can enjoy ‘the real Africa’ with the confidence that we will provide the best itinerary (with excellent commentary) to fulfill your dream safari and be comforted in the knowledge that your Safari holiday will also benefit the local conservation and community projects of the areas that you visit.

Our travel packages are designed to fully acquaint you with Uganda at its finest: it’s breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, abundant profusion of wildlife, welcoming and warm people, constantly-growing urban metropolis, rich culture and heritage and so much more. Our packages can be tailor-made to suit your every need and to meet your every expectation, no matter your taste.

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We bring you the very best of wildlife, nature, birding, adventure and culture in this incredibly gifted country that has unique add-ons to your safari/vacation.

For a cultural visit to the east of the country (in an even year), you will come across boys becoming men in an initiation circumcision ritual. You will see and interact with the Bagisu boys as they perform the “boneless waist” kadodi dance as they transition to manhood. You will see the bull fight; enjoy street barbeque, bamboo shoots cooked in groundnut sauce.

In the north, you will encounter an energetic thumb pianist whose optimism and vibrancy, captured in his sweaty face and electric-like fingers on the piano’s metallic keys overshadows the long years of war.

In the west, you will be inducted into royalty by the Batoro pet naming ceremony, participate in cattle watering and transcend centuries of history in the Igongo cultural centre.

In Buganda (central region), visit the Kasubi Royal Tombs, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where past kings are buried, the Kabaka’s [king’s] lake – a failed attempt by Kabaka Mwanga to build a channel that connected to Lake Victoria for defence purposes and enjoy Luwombo – a Baganda special sauce served with Matooke – the central region’s staple.

When it comes to food and fruit, you have never tasted anything like it – food in its organic state the way it was intended from the Luwombo as prepared in Buganda, millet bread served in pasted beef, chicken and fish. From the west, no meal is complete without ‘Eshabwe’ – a milk-based product that is served with food. Every corner of Uganda has a different cuisine.

In terms of fruit, enjoy juice dripping pineapple, mango and water melon. Other organic fruits include bananas, passion fruit, oranges and lemons, jack fruit and more.

And for a Safari, Uganda has more than the Big Five. Uganda is home to 1067 bird species, the source of the River Nile, is the primate capital of the world in Kibale, has the best weather in the world. And then you will be awestruck by the Mountain Gorillas with more than half of the world’s population calling Uganda their home in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

From 10 national parks and 11 Game reserves, you will experience among others boat cruises to the bottom of the magical Murchison Falls, view marine mammals teaming in the Kazinga channel, which links two large water bodies (Lakes George and Albert). And there is more!

We are aware that there is a lot at stake when choosing a safari company in terms of value for money, and therefore we take great care in ensuring to the greatest extent possible, a flawless safari experience. Carefully examine our core values and we trust you will grant us the opportunity to be your travel arrangers. At Uzuri Uganda Safaris, we believe that when you trust us to take you on your holiday/vacation, it is the beginning of a friendship/partnership that will last beyond your visit to this “Pearl of Africa”.

 So here below are the values that anchor everything that we do at Uzuri Uganda Safaris:

  • We pride ourselves in obsessing about our customers to ensure they enjoy their safari/vacation and that is memorable.
  • We pride ourselves in replying to your inquiries promptly
  • We conduct our business in honesty, trust and integrity, pricing our products and services fairly
  • We believe in being creative, flexible and being adept at finding solutions to ensure that our clients itineraries go on without a hitch
  • As a business, we respect and embrace diversity and are open.
  • We are an environmentally responsible company, keen on conservation and keen advocates of sustainable use of natural resources.

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